When flying for the virtual airline Air Similan, you apply the rules below concerning the prerequisites as well as the duties of a pilot within it.

Prerequisites to become a pilot at Air Similan

1 – The minimum age to join the Air Similan virtual airline is 15 years old.
2 - As the airline is French and based in France, you must be fluent in French.
3 – You must have an IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization) account and/or a VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) account. However, Air Similan flights do not necessarily have to be carried out on one of these networks; you can fly offline.
4 – You must have a suitable Airbus A320 add-on (such as Aerosoft, Flight Sim Labs or Flight Factor for example), Boeing 737-800 (such as PMDG or Zibo) or any aircraft owned by Air Similan and that you will fly. You must also master it to be able to fly with our livery. A lack of sufficient control of the aircraft may lead to compulsory training to be carried out on this aircraft or even to the cancellation of the qualification on this aircraft.
5.1 – Passing an entrance exam is mandatory to join the airline. This is a theoretical exam bringing together various bases on simulation, controlled flight, knowledge of the virtual airline...
5.2 – The exam is passed when you manage to obtain a total mark greater than or equal to 70/100.
5.3 – If you pass the exam, you will have access to the Air Similan Intranet. From then on, you will be in a trial period; you will have two weeks to perform a first rotation under Air Similan with the aircraft chosen during your registration. If everything goes well, you will then be assigned the status of "Pilot": you will officially become a pilot for the airline. If the first flight is not made during the first two weeks following admission and the future pilot has not justified his absence to the airline, he will be dismissed from Air Similan.
5.4 – If you pass the exam, you will be asked to join the airline's Discord server.
5.5 – In case of failure of the entrance exam, you will have the possibility of being supported by the National School of Virtual Aviation (ENAV) which will take care of teaching you everything before your admission in Air Similan.
5.6 – Once the status of "Pilot" has been obtained, you will obtain ranks as you fly. In addition, you will be rewarded with Miles. After a certain number of Miles have been accumulated, you will be able to exchange them for other standard qualifications in order to fly on other aircraft.

Your duties as a pilot at Air Similan

6 - We are establishing within our airline a quota of at least two full rotations carried out every two months and per pilot.
7.1 - If the only downloadable livery of our aircraft is the first aircraft in the fleet, registered "Alpha" (with exceptions with special liveries or fleet packs), our pilots must fly with all the aircraft in our fleet.
7.2 - The pilot must therefore check the status of the aircraft before each flight and choose a valid and available aircraft at his location.
8 - Except during events, tours or special flights, the pilot must make full rotations, which means he cannot just make a one-way flight. He must systematically make the return flight (exception for stopover flights, the outward journey of which may be different from the return flight). He has a period of one week (after his outward flight) to make his return (exception for flights of more than 6 hours, the duration of which is extended to two weeks). Beyond this deadline, without justification of its inability to perform the flight with the airline, the aircraft will be automatically teleported to its base (like the pilot) and the outbound flight will be deleted from the database and will therefore not be not counted. In case of recidivism, the pilot will be dismissed from the virtual airline Air Similan.
9 - he pilot must imperatively start from where he was previously. For example, after performing a CDG - MRS, he will have to leave from MRS to CDG.
10 - The routes operated by Air Similan are diverse and can be viewed on our network page. Pilots have a duty to fly on these routes with the corresponding flight numbers, as well as the callsigns assigned when booking the flights. If several pilots perform the same flight simultaneously, they must each use their personal Air Similan Crew ID as ATC callsign.
11 - Each flight operated with Air Similan must be closed via a flight report. Any incident, even smaller ones, should be mentioned in this same report. No shame in the event of a very hard landing, for example! It’s just a matter of having tracks and keeping track of the condition of our fleet.
12 - The safety of our passengers and crew is our first priority. Promote safety over punctuality. “A delay is better than a disaster” (Chesley Sullenberger).
13 - The pilot can submit ideas for routes or improvements to the administration.
14 - The pilot must regularly consult the Air Similan newsroom to take note of all the new information concerning the operation of the airline, the addition of aircraft to the fleet, or the opening of new routes.
15 - In the event of a prolonged absence preventing flights from being carried out, the pilot must, if possible, notify the administration.
16 - The pilot must be present at meetings organized by the administration (to the extent possible).
17 - Insults, incitement to hatred, racism, homophobia, discrimination, or any other words that may offend the sensitivity of others are strictly prohibited and heavily punished.
You can find our entire privacy policy in our legal notice.

These regulations may be subject to change at any time by Air Similan without notice. The changes will come into force when they are posted online. The modifications are accepted without reservation by any person present in the airline or wishing to integrate it as of their posting on line.