Establishment of ranks for pilots

Establishment of ranks for pilots

Air Similan is pleased to announce today the addition of a new feature to its website.

Pilots now have a particular rank within the airline depending on the time they have spent in flight, on board our aircrafts.

Each rank is associated with a badge, visible on the pilots' profile in the brand new "Rewards" section, according to the following levels:

- Student Pilot : up to 10 flight hours, issued after the pilot's very first rotation.

- First Officer : 10 to 25 hours of flight

- Senior First Officer : 25 to 50 flight hours

- Captain : 50 to 100 flight hours

- Flight Captain : 100 to 200 flight hours

- Senior Flight Captain : 200 to 300 flight hours

- Commercial Captain : 300 to 500 flight hours

- Instructor : up de 500 flight hours