Partnership with the ENAV

Partnership with the ENAV

Paris, September 26, 2020 | Air Similan is proud to announce today the start of a collaboration with the École Nationale d'Aviation Virtuelle.

The École Nationale d'Aviation Virtuelle, more commonly called ENAV is an organization specializing in the training of pilots or virtual controllers. From the novice pilot to the already seasoned pilot who wishes to broaden his skills, this school is suitable for anyone aiming to improve in flight simulation.

This partnership will bring even more realism to Air Similan by providing the possibility for any pilot wishing to join us to participate in training courses covering various fields ranging from IFR and VFR phraseologies in English or French until complete training for those who are beginning. When this partnership will be active, all pilots joining us will be sent to the ENAV to be assessed and trained if necessary before officially becoming an airline pilot for the company.

This close collaboration between the two organizations will allow any pilot, even a beginner, to acquire knowledge and integrate Air Similan by having a solid foundation and sufficient autonomy with its device, its environment and IVAO.

This partnership will be put in place in the coming days.

For more informations about the École Nationale d'Aviation Virtuelle, we invite you to consult their website.