Welcome aboard Air Similan

Created in 2020, Air Similan is a French virtual airline using the codes of a real, professional, and quality airline. As the first virtual airline to join MyFlightway Group, Air Similan was created to look as much as possible as a real airline. It operates on the IVAO network.

What is a virtual airline?

A virtual airline, or VA, is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts whose objective is to simulate the life of a real airline, with its regular flights to specific destinations in accordance with the actual procedures of Civil Aviation. These flights taking place on a flight simulator (such as Prepar3D, X-Plane, MFSF or FSX) are tracked and all their information is retrieved and then stored in the airline's database.

What is IVAO?

IVAO (for International Virtual Aviation Organization) is an international organization allowing air simulation enthusiasts to carry out all kinds of virtual air links in real-time, to provide or enjoy air traffic control services, and to benefit from courses and training. The goal is to get as close as possible to reality, following the air traffic control procedures in force throughout the world.

The Air Similan network

Currently, Air Similan's operations revolve around three hubs: Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Nice-Côte d'Azur. The airline, operating mainly from Roissy, already offers a large number of destinations throughout France, Europe, and the world. All of its flights have been set up with a concern for realism and profitability.
The pilots have the possibility of being based in Paris (CDG and NCE) or in Nice according to their choice (as far as possible). Once based at an airport, they will only be able to fly from this base and must fly with the aircraft based there.

The Air Similan fleet

Air Similan has a modern fleet made up of Airbus and Boeing aircraft allowing it to reach almost all pilots with a varied range of aircraft. Each type of aircraft is configured differently so as to be best suited to the entire Air Similan network, depending on the flight time, the demand on the line, the type of demand ... In addition, pilots have the opportunity to be qualified on several different aircraft giving them some versatility during their flights.

Training at Air Similan

Passing an entrance exam is mandatory to join the airline. This is a theoretical exam, made up of a general module (bringing together various bases on simulation, controlled flight, etc.) and a specialized module (available for each type of aircraft, then leading to qualifications. type).

A second way of entry into Air Similan is possible for beginners in simulation. With the help of a close collaboration with the National Virtual Aviation School, more commonly known as ENAV, Air Similan offers beginners an entrance exam model accessible to all. The virtual school will take care of a more or less long training adapted to the level of the applicant in order to make him perfectly autonomous on IVAO, on his device, and able to join Air Similan. Applicants are offered a theoretical exam in the form of an MCQ as well as a practical exam with an instructor, all carried out within the ENAV.

So? What are you waiting for to join us?